UFO Tour 1.5 Hrs

This tour is for people ready to discover the REAL truth about UFOs! Not only will you be supplied with top of the line military grade 3 night vision goggles (allowing you to see 100 times more than the naked eye!!), but, you will also learn more about our secret space programs and why this has been the greatest coverup in human history.

Each night is a unique experience, but, we typically see multiple ships bouncing around the starry night sky. And, while we search for UFOs, your guide will be sharing the latest news and intel from highly respected researchers and contactees.

You’ll also find out what our benevolent Space Brothers have been up to behind the scenes and what their plans are to assist with the future of Planet Earth. By the end of this evening, you will be so much closer to the TRUTH.

Length of Tour: 1.5 hours

Time of Tour: Varies during the year based on sunset

Location: Stutz Bearcat Dr. (Next to the Aiden Best Western Hotel)
As you enter the street from West State Rd. 89A, we will meet by the 25 mile an hour sign on the right side of the street. Look for a water bottle sitting on top of a car.

Other Important Details:

  • You will follow in your own car. However, if you do not have access to a vehicle, you may call BEFORE booking a reservation to see what may be arranged.
  • Dress in comfortable, layered, super warm clothing during the winter months. We will be located in the middle of an open field so please wear closed toed shoes. No walking will be involved. Chairs will be set up so you can stand or sit comfortably. Some gloves, blankets, scarves and hats will be available. Bring refreshments if needed.
  • There is no walking required. Handicapped people are welcome if you bring your own wheelchair or other necessary equipment.
  • Every adult will receive his or her own pair of goggles. Children between the ages of 6 to 10 years old may have to share a goggle with their parents. Young adults 14 years old and older will have access to a laser.
  • UFO tours are very dependent on weather conditions. If there is more than 60% cloud coverage, the tour will most likely be cancelled. If so, you will receive a message at least 45 minutes prior to the tour. You will then have the option of switching your reservation to the next available evening or receiving a full refund.

Since sunset varies throughout the year, the time of the UFO tours vary as well. When you book your tour, the time of your tour will be scheduled as of the DATE OF YOUR RESERVATION. Therefore, if you book a month or two in advance, your tour may be leaving as much as an hour earlier or later. Accordingly, please contact us a day or two in advance to confirm the time of your tour.

Our UFO tours leave promptly on time. We depart from Stutz Bearcat Drive and then everyone follows the tour guide to our viewing destination 5 minutes down the road. Therefore, make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes in advance. We cannot wait for latecomers. If you feel you will be behind schedule, call for directions to the exact viewing site to meet the rest of the group.

For ALL Tours:

  • You may cancel your tour 24 hours in advance of your reservation and receive a full refund minus any PayPal fees . However, if you do not contact us and do not show up for your reserved tour on time, then you will be considered a NO SHOW and will not receive any compensation.

  • We are Covid19 sensitive. Therefore, all equipment will be thoroughly scrubbed before use and our tour guides will carry hand sanitizer. At this point in time, Arizona guidelines do not require people to wear masks when outdoors while distancing. However, we want everyone to feel comfortable. If wearing a mask is your preference, please do so.
  • 1 to 14 Young Adults (Ages 11 to 18 years old) and/or Adults…….$110/per person
  • Children (Ages 6 to 10 years old)……………………………………………$55/per person
  • Children (Ages 5 and under)………………………………………………….Free


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Great knowledge and fun night
Sheila is so real and knowledgeable. Unparallel experience. More than 40 UFOs sightings.. its like watching planes near an airport.. Absolute must do as one of your highlight in Sedona.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Best UFO Tour experience ever, life changing, she is Awesome

knowledgeable, informative, well organized, real encounters, literally 40 plus ufos , awesomeness. Life changing , do it now!.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Great, fun experience
The night vision goggles were fantastic. Sheila was a fun guide, and my husband just loved this tour. (Father's day present.) We were the only ones who signed up the night we went, so it was private. Sheila was great about contacting us prior to the event and the meeting location was easy to find. Just sitting in the field with Sheila on a lovely Arizona night was relaxing--she provided chairs and we each got goggles. She was also wonderful about sending along some info on future reading we could do. Definitely saw something unusual!.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Fantastic tour—Not to miss!
This was such a fun tour! Sheila was a fantastic guide. She made sure we were all together as we drove our own cars to her special viewing site. She was thoroughly prepared with camp chairs, leg blankets, night vision goggles, and laser pointers. Not only that, Sheila is extremely knowledgeable about UFOs, understands the history, and has the personal experience to add even more “color” to the information she provided.
The night vision binoculars were amazing! I never saw so many stars in my life! She told us how to identify UFOs and distinguish them from airplanes. We saw probably 25 or more during our time together, as well as a number of shooting stars which are much more dramatic with night vision.
I would definitely recommend this tour. Be prepared to hear some very compelling information and see some amazing things in the night sky!.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Best UFO tour EVER!!
Sheila was very knowledgeable and provided excellent service to us. She had chairs, blankets, and very interesting stories with a tremendous amount of historical references and facts about famous people she had under her wing were colleagues with. The night vision goggles were also spectacular and we had a very good time being accompanied by Sheila. Very highly recommend. Just disappointed that we had forgot to leave her a tip.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Book this tour with Sheila NOW!! You won't regret!!!
Sheila was absolutely the most kind and generous tour guide ever and made us feel very welcomed and saw dozens of UFO's. I have learned so many interesting and new facts about UFO's, thunder mountain, Walt Disney facts(not giving any spoilers here so book this!!) We had an amazing experience and did this as our first activity here in Sedona. Highly recommend if your just getting here the first day of your trip and want to just relax and learn about UFO's.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

Best experience I didn’t know I needed!!
She has so much experience and knowledge. This was the highlight of my trip that I never planned. We saw more than 30 UFOs, AMAAAZING!! Sheila’s a gift, highly recommend!!.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

High traffic in the skies!
Our tour guide, Sheila, is amazing! She started with a short introduction about herself. She provided us with night vision goggles, and we saw between 30 and 40 ships within 1.5 hours. I highly recommend booking your spot on this tour... you'll be glad you did!.


Best Tours of Sedona LLC

The Best of the Best!
For a thrilling journey into possibilities that you've yet to imagine, book your UFO tour with Sheila during your stay in Sedona. I promise it will change forever the way you look up at the night skies!
There are numerous UFO tours offered in the Sedona area, but there is only one Sheila Knies, and you shouldn't settle for second best. She will be one of the most memorable people it will be your pleasure to meet on your visit to spiritual/mystical Sedona. You may go into this a bit skeptical, but you will come out enlightened. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience!".